I was born at full peak of grunge era, on the anniversary of the first time travel.
I use to spend my days eating, writting/drawing stuff and fangirling over musicians fifty years older than me. I'm still waiting for some Doc to come for me in their TARDIS/DeLorean and take me to the 60s. I was In Mars with Ziggy but when he fell to Earth I came to Spain.


It’s sweet weird how they regenerated reincarnated continued to be rivals.


only part of the season finale that matters

The Professor I know would never turn his back on someone who lost their path, especially someone he loved.

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I designed a serum to treat his spine, you know, derived from the same formula that helps me control my mutation. I take just enough to keep myself balanced but he takes too much. I tried easing him back but he just couldn’t bear the pain. The voices… The treatment gives him his legs but…It’s not enough. He’s… He’s just lost too much.

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